PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane

The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane we offer adopts PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) as basic raw material. Since the PVDF is processed with hydrophilization treatment, our hollow fiber membrane for ultrafiltration has higher water flux and better antifouling property. With the molecular weight cut off (MWCO) of 100000 Dalton, our product can be used for the removal of microorganisms, colloids, algae and other impurities that may cause turbidity.

1. Long Service Life

Made of special material treated with hydrophilic modification, our PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has excellent performance of oxidation resistance and fatigue resistance. It is also anti-fouling and can endure being washed repeatedly. Thus the service life of our product is long.

2. Good Permeate Water Quality
The PVDF ultrafiltration membrane produced by our company has an average filter fineness of 0.03µm and higher bubble point pressure. Its bacteria removal rate can reach 6-log, therefore the permeate water produced by our membrane has good quality.

3. Wide Applicable Range
Allowing larger amount of suspended solids to pass through, the PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is suitable for being applied in the fields where water quality is poor. It can achieve high water reuse rate.

4. Low Operation Cost
On-line backwash or water-gas combined cleaning methods can be employed to clean our product. The easy and economic cleaning ways effectively guarantee the stable water flux of our UF membrane and help reduce chemical cleaning agent consumption as well.

Production Process of PID of outside-in PVDF UF system

Application of PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane
1. Tap water system upgrading and reconstruction
2. Advanced treatment and reuse of municipal wastewater
3. Further treatment of waste water from petrochemical, steel and textile printing industries
4. Slightly-polluted water treatment