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Microporous Filter

Microporous filter, MF for short, is used to prevent the broken sands in the double-media filter entering into the ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis process so as to avoid damage to the filtration membrane surface. Thus the filtration effect of ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis filtration will be guaranteed. Our microporous filtering equipment can be widely used to filter circulating cooling water, drinking water, boiler water and oilfield flooding water. It is also suitable for various kinds of industries like chemistry, pharmacy, electroplating, printing, beer and soft drink production industries.

Type of built-in filter cartridge of the microporous filter:
Polypropylene melt blown filter cartridge, microporous sintered filter cartridge or pleated filter cartridge

  • Melt blown filter cartridge
  • Pleated filter cartridge
  • Microporous sintered
    filter cartridge

Performance Advantages
1. High filter fineness and even pore size
2. Low filtration resistance, large water flux, powerful impurity retaining capacity and long service life
3. The highly clean filter cartridge will not contaminate the filter medium.
4. Our microporous filter has high strength and is resistant to acid, alkali and high temperature.
5. The anti-deformation filter cartridge of our microporous filtering device is easy to clean and is replaceable.
6. Low price and low operating cost.

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