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Ultrafiltration System

Ultrafiltration is a pressure-driven membrane separation process with the filter fineness in the range of 0.001-0.01μm. Adopting the sieving principle, ultrafiltration system often contains hollow fiber ultrafiltration devices to remove the suspended solids, colloid, macromolecule substances (protein, nucleic acid, polysaccharide), bacteria and organic matters from water so as to make the water suitable for reverse osmosis system.

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration system is part of the key equipment for ultrapure water preparation. It can be used as pretreatment device to remove colloids and other impurities from water to make the following desalination process easier and help improve the water production volume of desalination equipment. Besides, it can also be applied in end filtration to control the quantity of particles and bacterial in water.

1. Ultrafiltration system has filter fineness higher than traditional filtration equipment. It can completely remove all the colloids and particles and reduce the SDI value of raw water lower than 2. The ultrafiltrated water can meet the feed water condition for reverse osmosis system.
2. Our ultrafiltration equipment is adaptive to all kinds of raw water and has stable filtering effect to produce good-quality permeate water.
3. This ultrafiltration device has reasonable structure and takes little space.
4. The ultrafiltration membrane can be backwashed or washed conventionally. Water washing, chemical backwashing and gas backwashing are all available.
5. Our product can help increase the water flux of reverse osmosis membrane so as to save the membrane materials. With the help of our ultrafiltration system, the efficiency and stability of reverse osmosis system will be increased.
6. Our ultrafiltration device can make full use of water. Dead-end filtration can be conducted when the feed water quality is good. If the feed water quality is bad, cross-flow filtration is available.
7. Using only a small amount of chemical agent for water pretreatment, our product discharges fewer pollutants and is friendly to environment.
8. With low working pressure, our UF equipment is energy-saving.

Application Fields of Ultrafiltration System

Pure Water and Ultrapure Water Treatment
1. Primary purification of industrial water
2. RO pretreatment of pure water and ultrapure water
3. Pretreatment of seawater and brackish water desalination
4. Pure water and ultrapure water terminal treatment (such as ultrapure water terminal treatment in electronics industry)

Applications in Fermentation Industry
1. Separation and purification of biochemical fermentation
2. Concentration and refining of enzyme

Application in Environmental Protection
1. Advanced treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater
2. Recycling of useful substances in wastewater

Application in Food and Beverage Industry
1. Purification of beverage and drinking water
2. Clarification and sterilization of mineral water
3. Clarification and separation of fruit juice
4. Purification of low-alcohol liquor
5. Food processing and substance recovery
6. Removal or concentration of protein

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