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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) is a water treatment technology which adopts membrane filtration device instead of the secondary sedimentation tank and sand filter in traditional biochemical treatment technology. The membrane treatment unit allows the waste water to flow over the membrane then the membrane will retain the sludge and macromolecule contaminants into the reactor. Thus both the concentration of microorganism and the oxygenation efficiency of microorganism to organic matter are increased.

Membrane biological reactor can produce fine quality water and leaves little sludge. It is the most promising biological wastewater treatment technology used for high concentrated organic wastewater treatment, domestic wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse.

Advantages Compared with Traditional Activated Sludge Treatment Method
1. Our membrane bioreactor has high removal rate of total phosphorus and total nitrogen. Thus the permeate water has good quality.
2. Sludge residue produced by our MBR equipment is less.
3. Compact structure makes our membrane biological reactor space-saving.
4. Our product is equipped with automatic control system and is easy to operate and manage.
5. Our membrane biological reaction device is easy to be used based on traditional water treatment technologies to increase permeate water quality.

Application Fields of Membrane Bioreactor
1. Treatment and reuse of domestic wastewater and reclaimed water (housing estate, hotel and sewage treatment plant)
2. Treatment of wastewater in food processing factories (bean products factory, cake factory)
3. Treatment of wastewater in beverage factory (liqueur factory, beer factory, etc)
4. Treatment of wastewater in the livestock husbandry (pig farm, chicken farm, cattle farm and slaughter house)
5. Medical and chemical industrial wastewater treatment
6. Treatment of wastewater in textile and paper making factories, and other high COD industrial wastewater
7. Waste leachate treatment

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