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Reverse Osmosis System

After the raw water has been pre-filtrated by fine filter and active carbon filter, the reverse osmosis system will be used to filter the pre-filtrated raw water with 1/10000μm pore size RO membrane under pressure. The reverse osmosis equipment can make the high-concentration water into low- concentration water and completely separate the impurities such as industrial contaminants, heavy metal, bacteria and viruses from the water. In this way, the purified water can meet the hygienic standard for drinking.

Adopting membrane separation technology, the reverse osmosis system can effectively remove most of the soluble salts, colloids and organic matters from water. Reverse osmosis equipment is the most commonly used desalting equipment for highly purified water preparation, brackish water desalination and wastewater treatment. It can be widely applied in the fields of electronics, medicine, food processing, light textile industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, etc.

Application Fields
1. Boiler water treatment in power generation industry
2. Ultrapure water preparation in electronics and semiconductor industry
3. Purified water used for pharmaceutical industry
4. Pure water for food and beverage industry
5. Sea water and brackish water desalination
6. Wastewater treatment for metallurgical industry, light industry, electroplating industry and leather manufacturing industry

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