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    1. PS Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane

      Unique double finger structure makes our product have higher anti-fouling performance and better filtration effect. Our PS hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane can effectively remove impurities such as suspended solids, colloids and bacteria from water to get high quality permeate water.

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    1. PVDF Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane

      The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane we offer adopts PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) as basic raw material. Since the PVDF is processed with hydrophilization treatment, our hollow fiber membrane for ultrafiltration has higher water flux and better antifouling property.

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    1. Submerged Microfiltration Membrane

      Our submerged membrane for microfiltration can effectively retain bacteria, suspended particles and other impurities. With the characteristics of high efficiency, easy cleaning, large flux and low energy consumption, our submerged PVDF hollow fiber microfiltration membrane can work stably in extremely poor-quality water such as sewage and waste water.

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    1. Multi-media Filter, Activated Carbon FilterOur activated carbon filtering equipment is generally used for the pretreatment of reverse osmosis, electroosmosis, ion exchange and water softening. It is also suitable for the treatment of clean water, direct drinking water, municipal water and reclaimed water.
    1. Microporous FilterLow filtration resistance, large water flux, powerful impurity retaining capacity and long service life
      The highly clean filter cartridge will not contaminate the filter medium.
      Our microporous filter has high strength and is resistant to acid, alkali and high temperature.
    1. Ultrafiltration System

      The ultrafiltration membrane can be backwashed or washed conventionally. Water washing, chemical backwashing and gas backwashing are all available.
      Our product can help increase the water flux of reverse osmosis membrane so as to save the membrane materials. With the help of our ultrafiltration system, the efficiency and stability of reverse osmosis system will be increased.

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    1. Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)Membrane biological reactor can produce fine quality water and leaves little sludge. It is the most promising biological wastewater treatment technology used for high concentrated organic wastewater treatment, domestic wastewater treatment and reclaimed water reuse.
    1. Reverse Osmosis System

      Reverse osmosis equipment is the most commonly used desalting equipment for highly purified water preparation, brackish water desalination and wastewater treatment. It can be widely applied in the fields of electronics, medicine, food processing, light textile industry, chemical industry, electric power industry, etc.

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    1. Nanofiltration System

      In the field of drinking water treatment, nanofiltration equipment can be applied to remove trihalomethane, odor, undesirable color, pesticides, synthetic detergents, dissolved organic matters, Ca and Mg, and evaporation residues from water.

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    1. Ion ExchangerIt is also suitable for hard water softening, deionized water preparation, food and medicine discoloring and refining, precious metal and chemical material reuse, and electroplating wastewater treatment.