12480m3/d Boiler Feed Water Treatment Project in a Power Plant of Weiqiao, Binzhou

Raw Water: high turbidity water from the Yellow River

Design Scale:
UF: 8×100m3/h;
RO: 4×130m3/h; Utilization rate of RO water: ﹥80%
Ion Exchange: 520m3/h

Raw Water Quality VS. UF/RO Permeate Water Quality
Item Raw Water Quality UF Permeate Water Quality RO Permeate Water Quality
Turbidity 5NTU ﹤0.1NTU
SDI ﹤2.0
Hardness 212mg/L 0
PH 8 6-7
TDS 1100mg/L ﹤5mg/L
Permeate water conductivity ﹤0.1µs/cm