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Grey Water Reuse Solution

The increasing shortage of water resource may have negative impact on urban water supply. Grey water reuse is one of the reasonable and feasible solutions to relief the tension situation of water shortage. Reclaimed water can be made from the industrial wastewater and municipal sewage. Thus grey water reuse conforms to the principle of poor-quality water development. In addition, wastewater recycling is one of the most important ways to save and protect water resource.

In order to protect the environment, all the cities in the world have formulated strict standards for sewage discharge. Motian adopts unique innovative UF/MF and MBR membrane separation technology to treat the municipal wastewater so as to make it comply with the relevant standards. Our products help achieve urban water resources recycling and our company can offer you feasible grey water reuse solutions.

  • Project of 4000t/d UF system used for
    electronic industrial zone wastewater and
    domestic sewage treatment (In Japan)
  • 30000t/d MBR system used for chemical industry
    zone wastewater treatment (Smelting
    wastewater: 10000t/d + mixed chemical
    wastewater: 20000t/d)