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Industrial Water Treatment Solutions
Water Treatment in Food Industry

Food and beverage processing not only consumes huge amount of water, but produces wastewater containing multiple contaminants that may cause serious damage to standard sewage facilities.

Boiler Water Treatment

Fouling and corrosion may have negative impact on the operation of a boiler. In order to avoid fouling and corrosion of boiler, feed water treatment is necessary.

Water Treatment in Electronics Industry

Electronic component manufacturers require large amount of ultrapure water to remove impurities from component surfaces. The running cost will be high if the right equipment is not employed.

Water Treatment in Steel Industry

The circulating cooling water treatment system of a steel plant mainly includes the treatments of boiler water, process water, (direct) circulating cooling water and waste water.

Water Treatment in Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is faced with more and more strict restriction to wastewater discharge. The variation of wastewater from different factories makes it more difficult to implement sound chemical water treatment and effective water reuse strategies.

Water is essential in every industrial and manufacturing process. Regulatory restrictions on wastewater discharge and corporate accountability make the cost of business running high. Thus industrial enterprises in all sectors are trying to find ways to conserve environment, reduce cost and gain more profits.

With decades of experience and leading membrane technologies, we can provide our customers with new and better solutions for industrial water treatment and wastewater reuse.

As key pretreatment equipment for RO, the MF, UF and MBR products produced by Motian can help improve the quality of process water used in the industrial field. In addition, our products can also be used for the advanced treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater. Thus our membrane products and water treatment equipment will help reduce wastewater discharge and save water resource.