25000t/d Wastewater Treatment Project for Cangzhou Lingang Chemical Industrial Zone

Raw water: Chemical wastewater and domestic sewage
Total wastewater influent volume: 30000t/d (Chemical wastewater: 30000t/d; Domestic sewage: 18000t/d)
Chemical wastewater quality: COD≤500mg/L; Salt content: 3000-4000mg/L; PH range: 7-8
Domestic sewage quality: COD≤500mg/L; Salt content: <2000mg/L; PH range: 7-8
Quality of the water after being treated by biochemical technology: COD<50mg/L; Salt content: 4000mg/L; PH range: 6-9

In this project, the raw water for advanced treatment was the wastewater pre-treated by biochemical technology.

Wastewater Treatment Technology
Ultrafiltration: Volume: 32640t/d; Equipment: Motian PS ultrafiltration membrane element; Water recovery rate: ≥90%; Permeate water silting density index: SDI≤2
First-stage pass RO: Permeate water volume: 20000t/d (160×6); Electrical resistivity: ≥10MΩ·cm; Water recovery rate: ≥70%
Second-stage pass RO: Permeate water volume: 20000t/d (105×4); Water recovery rate: ≥80%