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Core Technologies

Non-solvent Induced Phase Separation (NIPS) Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Manufacturing Technology
Adopting the NIPS manufacturing technology, we produce PS inside-out hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane having low operating pressure, higher water flux and wider application scope. Our PS hollow fiber UF membrane can work stably under poor water quality conditions to produce fine permeate water. It is quite suitable for the pretreatment of large reverse osmosis system.

By virtue of our specific membrane manufacturing experience, we have developed the PVDF ultrafiltration membrane and the membrane modules. Then we have achieved mass production of ultrafiltration membrane products and promoted the application of membrane technologies in wastewater reuse. Compared with similar products provided by other manufactures both at home and abroad, our PVDF ultrafiltration membrane has obvious advantages in permeate water production volume and antifouling property.

Thermal Induced Phase Separation (TIPS) Hollow Fiber Microfiltration  Membrane Manufacturing Technology
Motian has developed the high-strength permanent hydrophilic polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) microfiltration membranes with the TIPS technology. The microfiltration membrane we produce has high porosity and the pore size is adjustable. Our PP and PVDF microfiltration  membranes features corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, fine water flux recovery capacity, long service life and good contaminant removal effect. They are especially suitable for sewage treatment and reclaimed water reuse.

Additionally, the TIPS technology can be also applied to produce high-strength hydrophobic polypropylene microfiltration membrane used for separating gas from liquid.

Efficient Heavy Metal Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technology
The "Efficient Heavy Metal Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Technology" developed by Motian integrates hollow fiber microfiltration membrane equipment and reverse osmosis system. This technology makes water, heavy metal and acid cycle closely within the industrial production system. It can achieve the recycling and comprehensive utilization of heavy metal wastewater and helps decrease waste water discharge. Our efficient wastewater treatment and reuse technology is helpful to solve the problems related to source and environment during the development of electronic industry and electroplating industry.