Project of Comprehensive Production Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in Jigang Group Co., Ltd.

In this project, we adopted world-leading wastewater treatment technology which was optimized based on the traditional sewage treatment process for metallurgy industry.

The whole project included two parts, namely wastewater treatment and desalination treatment. The wastewater treatment process could not only remove the suspended solids and the organic matters from the wastewater, but also lower the hardness and remove part of the salt.

In the desalination station, ultrafiltration technology and reverse osmosis technology were employed for advanced treatment of the water flowing out of the wastewater treatment station. The advanced treatment helped restrict the salt content and hazardous ion concentration of the recycled water. The anti-fouling PVDF membrane produced by our company was used in the process of ultrafiltration.

Comprehensive Wastewater Quality
Total hardness: 505mg/L
Turbidity: 66NTU
Suspended solids: 60mg/L
Conductivity: 2060us/cm
PH: 8.4
COD: 28mg/L

Ultrafiltration permeate water production volume: 9600t/d+5400t/d