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Water Treatment Solutions
Drinking Water Treatment

Motian has developed a variety of membrane solutions for large-scale municipal water treatment equipment and small water purification devices.

Industrial Water Treatment

The chemical industry is faced with more and more strict restriction to wastewater discharge. The variation of wastewater from different factories makes it more difficult to implement sound chemical water treatment and effective water reuse strategies.

Grey Water Reuse

The increasing shortage of water resource may have negative impact on urban water supply. Grey water reuse is one of the reasonable and feasible solutions to relief the tension situation of water shortage.

Motian can provide all kinds of water treatment solutions such as drinking water treatment, industrial turnkey project, and wastewater reuse.

Our wide range of technologies and extended skills in all water-related sectors will guarantee you a cost-efficient solution that can satisfy your requirements for water quality.

Motian can service customers from various fields and industries. Our customer covers citizens, water bottlers, hotels and resorts requiring safe drinking water for their visitors, farmers needing specific irrigation water, power plants, food and beverage factories and chemical factories requiring specific process water.

Solution Process
1. Design
2. Engineering
3. Manufacturing
4. Automation
5. Installation
6. Maintenance
7. Training